What is Artistic Portraiture?

Artistic Portraits have no boundaries, they focus on celebrating yourself while empowering you to feel amazing as yourself or in your dream story.


Portraiture as Fine Art

Artistic Portraits focus on celebrating yourself or your loved one while empowering you to feel amazing in your dream story. Artistic Portraits are created with lighting, posing, and composition that celebrates who is captured in a way that provides the greatest potential to draw every ounce of tone and impact. A fine art piece doesn’t require a costume or an elaborate theme. It can be as simple as a certain lighting style or look that you want to achieve. The attention to detail in lighting and composition ensures that each portrait is unique and captures the essence of the person and sets fine art photography portraits apart. Lighting and composition are key elements in fine art photography.

The first step is to figure out what you want to put on display by choosing 3 words to describe your dream portraits. Are they... Playful, Bright, magical? Soft, Feminine, Glowy? Fearless, Bold, Strong?

Then decide your wardrobe style: Light & Dreamy or Dark & Sultry. Your Artistic Portrait Experience is about accepting and celebrating yourself, knowing and feeling you are wonderful. Your experience doesn't end with your session. Artistic Portraits are Timeless portraits and will always be in style. Unlike trendy poses or backgrounds, fine art portraits will stand the test of time and remain a cherished family heirloom for generations to come. Using your vision we will create an artistic portrait that is more than a photo, but is a piece of art that captures the essence of you in a timeless manner.

I believe your artistic Portraits should be celebrated and cherished forever. While the vision takes place at the session, it is fulfilled in the portrait delivery. You deserve a professional product showcasing your beauty...art you will swoon over. Everyone is a work of art with an incredible story, and your portraits will show that to the world.

Create a Lasting Legacy. Your portrait is more than just a photograph, it's a family heirloom that will be passed down for generations. Take the first step by contacting Elizabeth today to schedule your consultation.