Rediscovering Art

Artist first - Elizabeth continues to challenge herself and grow her talents through creating art and portrait photography.

Growing up I was taught that you paint with a paintbrush or your fingers, the K-12 art teachers didn't talk about other options. I painted for fun with oils as a young adult, Bob Ross making happy trees kept me busy when bored. Life moved forward and time for painting dwindled to a stop. Art courses in college were not a requirement so taking one never crossed my mind, after all, I had far too many other courses to take. It wasn't until I received a Christmas gift from a work colleague that I rediscovered art.

The gift was a small acrylic pour painting. When she explained the process to make it, I was surprised and curious. I wondered, is it really possible for me to paint without a brush? To find an answer to that question I did what most people do these days...I searched online for "pour painting" videos. The results were surprising! How had I reached this point in my life and never heard of Fluid Art, a technique that has been around since the 1930s. When searching I also discovered you can paint with random objects (such as sticks!) and create beautiful works of art. Looking at all the art and techniques inspired me to paint again, something I had not done in more than 10 years.

Inspired and supported by friends and family I began to venture back into creating art, but this time experimenting with Fluid Acrylic instead of Oil paints. I quickly discovered pour painting can be more than just pouring different colors onto a canvas and making neat designs. I saw potential in the acrylic pours, the beginnings of bigger pictures. I could not resist so began adding hand-painted details to bring the pour paintings to life and rediscover art.

The creative processes involved with art has led me to expand my photography skills and to become more creative in the portrait process.

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Rediscovering Art