Photography as an Investment

Preserve memories by investing in professionally printed heirloom portraits and albums to display for years to come. Truly special image are an investment worthy of being proudly displayed in your home or office.


Session Investment & Professional Products

Every portrait session is just an important to me as processing each image captured into a beautiful collection for you.

I trust my professional lab partner to print the best portraits. 'Big Box' photo printers have lower quality instant photo processing, often producing grainy images. High end brands cost more and it shows in the product quality - the saying goes... you get what you pay for. To ensure high quality professional portrait products, i use one of the most trusted professional photo labs in the industry. This way I can provide the finest prints with outstanding quality and the most reliable service.

I have always believed memories and moments with loved ones, events, and adventures should be preserved and photographs should be a part of life. Photographs remind us of people we love and experiences we've had, those precious memories we cherish for a lifetime.

Every photography session is an experience and a chance to freeze a moment in time. Those gorgeous Artistic portraits should be displayed where everyone can see them, on high quality professionally printed products. Whether it be your walls, coffee table, or office.

If you value a professional portrait experience enough to hire a photographer to create Fine Art portraits, then go that extra step and have the portraits professionally printed. Why have a professional capture your portraits if you only plan on putting them on social media or store on a flash drive rarely to be seen again? Because I offer all-inclusive portrait sessions, you do receive the number of high resolution digital images that correspond to your booked session. While digital portrait images are great to have as backup or to share with loved ones far away quickly and easily, that's all they are really meant for. Digital archival and safe keeping of beautiful professional prints.

All portrait orders are through a professional photo lab that offers the highest quality professional photo products available, with the most options:

  1. Wall Displays (clusters & Splits)

  2. Portrait Prints

  3. Acrylic Portraits

  4. Canvas Gallery Wraps

  5. Wood Standout & Bamboo Mounted prints

  6. Museum Classic Framed Portraits

I offer a variety of products that can be ordered individually a La Carte, or as part of a portrait collection giving product discounts. What's even better is that you can place orders from the comfort of your home through the Online Client Gallery! The products can be either delivered to me for proofing or sent directly to you.

When you order professional prints, you also receive the full resolution digital image to download.Heirloom archival albums are also available for purchase, please let me know in advance if you are interested because they require me to take extra time to create digital proofs for you. Because these albums are so meaningful and important, any images printed in the album are provided as full resolution digital downloads.